Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good Devil Undies

We have been going to town uploading these hot new undies. I was pleasantly surprised when trying them on. The fit, the fabric, the styles. Unique, cozy and functional. Yes really functional.

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Goodies-or back in the house goodies

I just uploaded about 15 new items. BUT they are not in the hot and new section.
They will be in the top rows of each individual section. So if you're a mens thong underwear lover, go to my thongs/g-string link etc. Enjoy they are very limited new items.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Well we added a cool little feature to our hot mens underwear site today.
It's a share with your friends on facebook button on each item. Use it!
Share with your friends and let us know how it works!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Laser Hair Removal

Oh what an interesting time! Where to begin? Well I have been waxing for quiet sometime and thought I'd give something more permanent a try. Basically you are supposed to shave everything you want lasered. I had been waxed about 5 weeks ago
so they gave me a beard trimmer and I did a quick once over to knock down
any stubble. I was a tiny nervous at first since you're naked in front of someone you just met. I sat in a treatment chair, naked from the waist down, you can have a towel draped but really what's the point? You can be very specific as to what you want zapped! I did from my knees up, pretty much a full brazilian this time but in the future treatments I'll leave the pubic region alone. I'll stick more to the bikini sides, the shaft, around the sac and underneath to the perenium. Also my back, shoulders, and around the sides of my neck. I have a little scaring above my shaft, and they said a little laser there would help take away those scars.
My next treatment is December 16th and I'm already excited. What did it feel like?
A quick flick with a rubber band, but the pain doesn't linger. Kind of wierd. It's instantaneous and then gone. I did have a couple sensitive spots, behind my knees and just outside the bikini line. Other than that it was quick and bare-able ;-)
This is a picture of me one day after. No side effects, bumps or redness whatsoever.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Waxing for men

OK, I just got back from getting pretty much (no everything) waxed from my belly
button down. I keep my tummy and chest trim with a buzzer. Oh and the back gets
waxed too. So I'm as clean as it gets right now. If you haven't tried it I highly
recommend it. I keep everything super short as it is so to make things a little
easier I used a little nair on my sac and crack and around the very base of my shaft.
Those are the goodies I wasn't going to wax but did want to keep 'em clean.
One tip I learned to avoid getting ingrown hairs was to exfoliate a full 36 hours
after. So I ran and got the Shea Body Scrub from the Body Shop. It has always worked
great for me and it leaves a great oil all over you. The other nice thing about
waxing is that you don't get that harsh razor stubble. Cheers to being bald!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wow It's Spring Time

I hope you are all getting into shape for the sunny warm goodness finally here!
I'm headed back to the gym, doing some at home sit-ups and crunches. Not many,
but I try. And trying to get into the Bikram at least twice a week. We've re-vamped the site quiet a bit making it easier to cruise around. I combined all the thong and
G-String sections into one section. I'm also trying my hardest not to do my cheesie
self shots of product but companies like Hom don't provide us with anything making
it frustrating as they have killer products and viewing them on me doesn't do them justice. Be well!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bikram Update

Well I'm 6 days into Bikram. Missed only 1 day. I was so nervous the first time I thought I was going to puke. Now I crave it. I have lost about 5 pounds, probably
because having a drink at night time isn't very appealing with the thought of
getting up in the morning and doing yoga in a hot room. The other things I've noticed
is my digestion is a lot better and my sexual energy is booming. (Like I need anymore
of that);-) I've been having fun experimenting with outfits, so you'll have
to check into the website and see what the current goodies are!